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Its been a while!

Hello everyone!

It’s been a while since our last blog post, but we have plenty to say and this year you can expect more regular updates and articles!

So, first things first, how are you doing? We hope you are all well and looking out for one another.

Did you get time to get out and play in the snow?? We managed to get out into the Howgill's and do some sledging (Olive mainly dug into the snow drifts😂).

So, whats been happening over here at Olive Paw Hq since our last blog post? (other than playing in the snow). Well, quite a lot actually! Obviously Lockdown number 3 happened which has had a massive effect for us because we aren’t allowed to meet you lovely people or photograph your gorgeous pooches!

I’m not going to lie, it’s starting to get to us! but thankfully it sounds like there is some light at the end of the tunnel with the governments road map announcement last week. Hopefully returning to some sort of normality is in sight!.

Its very exciting because if all goes well, as of April 12th we will be back out with the camera! bookings are open for on and after that date so just give us a call or drop an email over to us to discuss our experiences!

Prior to Christmas we approached the Royal Barn in Kirkby Lonsdale and organised a shoot with there 2 pub dogs! what a fun shoot! Dave met with Stu Taylor, Thunder and Bolt In Kirkby Lonsdale and ventured down to the Iconic Devils Bridge. Thunder is an English Mastiff and at the time of the shoot was only 6 months old but crikey she was a big girl! Bolt is a Fox Red Labrador and was 2 yrs old at the time of the shoot.

We got some great shots and once Lockdown restrictions are eased, we will be providing the Royal Barn with a couple of pieces of wall art from our product range, which Stu has kindly said he will hang in the Barn so everyone can enjoy them over a cold pint or two! ohhhhhh a pint, with people, in a bar! how much are you looking forward to that!?we definitely can’t wait!

We also ran a competition for a lucky pooch and there owner to win one of our dog photography experiences, with the aim to try and spread some positive vibes and get people involved in the build up to valentines day! We had loads of people enter, sharing snaps of their pooches and getting excited. Olive picked the winner on Valentines day and the lucky six legs were Kelly Porter and Buddy the Trail hound from Bowness! We can’t wait for that shoot!

We have lots in the pipeline so keep your eyes peeled for announcements and updates.

Spread the love, stay safe and we will see you all soon!!

Dave and the OPP team

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