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RISE International photography Awards

Now for some really exciting news!

Back in July, Dave entered a couple of images into the RISE International Photography Awards. In 2018 there were 2000 entries from over 30 countries, 2019 saw this rise to 4000 entries!

One of the awesome things about the RISE Awards is that every entry receives feedback from the judging panel (which consists of a group of highly trained international judges). The main objective of the awards is to not only elevate the photography industry as a whole (creating an industry of highly skilled passionate photographers), but also to give the skills these photographers need to develop and maintain a successful business.

For that reason, the standards are incredibly high!

With this in mind, we are incredibly happy to say that Dave was awarded two Bronze Awards! Not bad for the first international competition he’s entered! It’s a great starting point and with the feedback given will definitely be something he will work on in the background ready for next year!

Here are both of the images!

If you have time, go and check out the finalists for this year as well as previous winners from 2019 and 2018, there are some truly amazing photographs!

We have a few pretty cool things going on in the background, so keep your eyes peeled for updates!!

That's all for now, I must dash as I have a new rope toy with my name all over it!

See you soon

Olive and the OPP team

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