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Hello world!

Hi there! Olive here!

We thought this would be a great place to keep everyone up to date with all things Olive Paw and also offer tips, tricks and doggy facts.

As you have will have seen, our new website is up and running. Dave has done this with very little input from me, because tbh I preferred to curl up in my bed and have a nap next to him! I'm all about looking good in front of the camera, leave the technical stuff to the rest of the team!

We have had many positive comments which are so nice to hear! So thank you, It means the world to us!

So, what have we been up to??

Dave had a crazy heather shoot with three lovely dogs - Henry, Elsie and Pennie. If you think one cocker spaniel is bonkers, try two cocker spaniels and a border collie! It was great fun! And the nice thing was that the cocker spaniels, Henry and Elsie, are brother and sister! To be honest I wish I was on this shoot because Henry is a bit of a stud!

A lot of our time recently has been spent sourcing and creating a beautiful wall art product range. Because our photography means so much to us, and your memories deserve to be cherished, we have sourced high quality print options for all of our customers. And we are always on the lookout for cool new products! If I don’t look good on a product, it doesn’t get considered!

We have also created our new limited time Christmas offer which is now available through our website! We have tried to create a package and experience that is not only value for money but would make a great gift for the dog lover in your family! What better gift to give than an experience and memories.

Flyers for this have also been printed so keep a lookout for these as myself and Dave will be out and about with them. He’s also got himself a hoody, beanie and face mask printed with our logo so if you spot us, give us a wave or come say hi! (I love treats btw)

Hopefully see you soon!

Olive and the OPP team

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